A Comprehensive Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness Program for Teens

Prevention. Intervention. Postvention.

Everyone Has a Role to Play

With the increase in suicide related deaths locally and in an effort to address community needs thereby filing the gap in suicide prevention education and awareness, MHAMC currently promotes and provides services in keeping with a model called Caring Competent Communities. This approach is a paradigm shift in the way we think about suicide prevention. By assuring that every community member has a role to play and an interest in the well-being of each of their neighbors, we are assisting communities in becoming self-sustaining and increasing resiliency in towns through Monmouth County.

Lifelines is a whole-school program that educates administrators, faculty and staff, parents, and students on the facts about suicide and their roles in suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention (defined as post-suicide response).  It is a three part comprehensive curriculum that provides a practical, manualized best practice and evidence based approach.


  • To create informed community/county based infrastructures that identify and respond to local needs related to youth suicide prevention
  • To provide easy access to the network of best-practice and evidence based treatment available through the state and local resources

MHAMC is dedicated to youth suicide prevention and creating competent compassionate school communities. MHAMC is implementing the Lifelines program free of charge in middle and high schools in Monmouth County. This free program is made possible through charitable donations. MHAMC recognizes the need to expand the Lifelines program in our community. Through the continued generosity of donors and supporters, MHAMC will be helping to provide the necessary tools that school communities need to identify at-risk youth, know how to initially respond to them, and know how to rapidly obtain help for them.

To learn more about Lifelines please email or call at 732.542.6422.

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