Wrap-Around Services Program (Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Services)

WRAP-AROUND SERVICES PROGRAM (Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Services)
Supervisor/Contact person and telephone number:
Description of Services:
Provides more intensive in-home counseling and case management services to families referred by the Family Crisis Intervention Program. Families who are involved with the Crisis Program and need or desire more intensive, in-home services allow a skilled counselor to visit their home and “wrap services around” the entire family to meet their comprehensive needs and build on their unique strengths. This program assists families within multiple life domains (such as education, health and safety) to access help from multiple systems and learn to cope more effectively as a family unit. The result of this “wrap-around” model is the benefit of the entire family, and ultimately the youth.

Client Eligibility:
Children and their families referred by the Family Crisis Intervention Unit.

Funding Source:
Monmouth County Youth Services Commission funds MHA to provide this service.

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