Mental Health Facts

New Jersey’s Community Mental Health System works and its budget should not be cut.

That is the message of these advocacy videos created by the Mental Health Association in New Jersey and Collaborative Support Programs in NJ. Through individual testimony, consumers of mental health services tell their story and explain the critical role NJ’s Community Mental Health System has played in their recovery. They speak of their experiences with depression, anxiety and schizophrenia and how they were successfully treated. Today, they are going to school, maintaining employment, and are reconnected with their families.
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Click the link below to get information about a wide range of subjects related to mental wellness by audience, by issue or by disorders and treatment.
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If you, a friend or a loved one think that you might have a mental health disorder or if you are just going through a tough time in your life and have questions about specific treatments The Frequently Asked Questions page will help you understand your options better.
Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

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