Grandview Social Service Program


Supervisor/Contact person and telephone number:
Marie Argibay Boccasino 732-787-4580

Description of Services:
Grandview Social Services is a program that serves the residents of the Grandview Apartments in Keansburg. This program offers a broad array of community development, social service and recreational services to the residents of this large affordable housing complex.

Services include counseling and case management, as well as prevention and enrichment activities that focus on the individual’s interpersonal and educational needs.

Participants who were surveyed report that they learned “how to share, how to assist younger residents, how to solve problems and how to control their anger”. Our clients also receive assistance with using computers, safe use of the internet, and completion of homework. MHAMC allocates a full time staff position to work with and support the Grandview residents.

Client Eligibility:
Any resident of the Grandview Apartments in Keansburg.

Funding Source:
Funded by the Affordable Housing Alliance

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