Give 10. Ask 10. End 10. #GivingTuesday2018

Giving Tuesday 2018
MHAMC’s Giving Tuesday
$10,000 Challenge
Everyone has a role to play & an interest in the
well being of each of our neighbors.
As a community, we must start the conversation about mental health issues that often lead people to hide in the shadows of stigma and shame. On average, the stigma surrounding
Mental Wellness causes a delay in seeking treatment by 10 years.
This year, we are challenging our families & friends to

Give 10. Ask 10. End 10.

By donating $10, you’re directly supporting our ability to provide free services to those in need.
By challenging 10 friends to do the same, you’re also spreading the message that it’s okay to ask for help.
Together, we can end the 10.
Here’s how:





You will receive a text back with a link
to complete your $10.00 gift
to help us reach our $10,000 Giving Tuesday goal.
It’s that simple & it starts with you.
Create a chain reaction of giving.
Be part of this movement and see just how powerful 10 can be.

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