Knowing Risk Factors

These are the changes we notice that can signal that a  person needs immediate help. Let’s look at the FACTS warning signs.

  • F- FEELINGS – hopelessness, anxiety, depression, worry or emptiness
  • A- ACTIONS –  doing risky things, aggression, withdrawing from friends or looking online for ways to die
  • C- CHANGES – attitude, behavior, and/or appearance in as little as a 2 week period of time
  • T- THREATS – direct or indirect, every threat MUST be taken seriously!
  • S- SITUATIONS – triggers for the suicide, such as getting into trouble, experiencing a loss, or anticipating a transition or change

If you notice any of these signs, especially in combination, contact a mental health professional immediately. It is important to remember help is available and you are not alone.

Resources are available throughout Monmouth County to provide immediate services, referrals, and support to families and community partners.

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