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The Monarch Butterfly is a majestic butterfly which has been chosen as a symbol for people diagnosed with mental illness. The transition from cocoon to the delicate monarch, rich in color, symbolizes the journey so many people travel when their lives are affected by mental illness. Just as they travel toward recovery, health and wholeness, the monarch overcomes many obstacles along its migratory journey.

A Personal Story of Transformation
Referred to the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHAMC) in 2013,
Kathy has been on a three year uphill journey from homelessness, addiction, and depression as a result
of long-term physical and emotional abuse. A MHAMC Supportive Housing case manager offered
compassionate support that helped Kathy rebuild a solid foundation to recovery and a new life.
Through advocacy, support, skill building, linkages, and referrals to different resources, she has been
able to remain in her apartment to this day, secure employment and maintain her sobriety. In a letter
to MHAMC, she shared that her Supportive Housing case manager, “…has taught me how to do things
for myself that help me feel better about myself in everyday life.” Kathy expressed that through her
transformation she learned to take “I can’t” out of her vocabulary and replace it with “I can”.

Our work is driven by our commitment to promote mental health as a crucial part of overall wellness. MHAMC believes in early identification and intervention for those at risk as well as integrated care and treatment to support those in need with recovery as our goal.
Because of you, last year we touched the lives of over 6000 children, families, and individuals.
Thank you for your support in transforming their lives. Your generosity allows us to provide free
services to ALL Monmouth County residents. Please consider an end of year gift that will help us
to grow and develop these much needed programs.


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We wish you a very healthy and happy

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