Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 4 – 10

Governor Christie issued a Proclamation to recognize of the importance of mental health and mental illness awareness week 2015. Please click on the thumbnail below to read or download:

Mental Health Awareness Week Proclaimation (2)

Mental Illness Awareness Week was established in 1990 by the U.S. Congress in recognition of the efforts to educate and increase awareness about mental illness. It takes place every year during the first full week of October. During this week, mental health advocates and organizations across the U.S. join together to help fight the stigma surrounding mental illness.

In conjunction with our national affiliate, Mental Health America, we are in the process of promoting our B4Stage4 message which emphasizes the need to recognize and treat mental illness like any other disease through early identification, intervention and integrated treatment before stage 4.  Help us promote this message this week during Mental Illness Awareness Week by using #‎IamStigmaFree‬‪ #‎RaiseAwareness‬ ‪#‎TakeAStand‬ ‪#‎Advocate‬ ‪#‎NotDefinedByANumber‬‪ #‎B4Stage4‬


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